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Christmas Event + Soul Wars Update

Sun Dec 10 2023

Merry Christmas and happy new years!

At the end of every year we kick things off with a December holiday event, Land of Snow…

We rotate between Christmas Crackers and Santa Hats every year.

Can you guess this year's rare item?

It is Santa Hats… 

Now, right away you can get started gathering Santa Hats on both World 1 & World 2. Just enter the land of snow from Varrock Square….

By chopping arctic pine, fishing monkfish, cooking foods or any other type of skilling you have a chance of getting a Santa Hat.

How many? Who knows… How often? You will have to figure it out yourself… Its open source too so you can just look 😉

As a compromise, if you want 1 Christmas Cracker per account you can talk to Santa for a custom Christmas event. 

Complete the event and you get a Christmas Cracker!

Soul Wars added…

After a few days coding off and on Trent implemented Soul Wars…

Soul Wars is playable by minimum 4 players and is a remake of 2012.

One difference is a non-xp option to use minigame runes. Minigame runes make the game use less resources and more fun.

You can bring your own runes if you desire experience as well.

Lastly, for developers, Soul Wars is written in Kotlin. It is a prime example of writing Darkan code in Kotlin. If you are interested in that you can check that out.

Happy holidays! 🎉