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Future Kotlin scripting support in Darkan

Wed Nov 22 2023

A new engine update has been started.

Can you guess it?

Kotlin scripting!

Other RSPS have exclusively featured Kotlin before and touted how easy Kotlin is to read/write.

After some observation it has been concluded it is in fact beginner friendly.

For this reason it may be included and developed in future updates.

Here is a sample of what Kotlin scripting would look like:












Here is the gist:

All plugin handlers will look like the above.

Kotlin scripts will be insertable anywhere in the source without annotations or needing to be in a class.

All imports are taken care off in a global scripts handler and function parsing is customized for easy scripting.

This will be great for beginners…

Though it needs one thing…

Though we have hit a bit of a snag. Kotlin scripting does not inherently support intellisense in any IDE. Particularly in the fashion Darkan needs.

It is quite possible this update will be scrapped, removed or just ignored due to this.

If any of you can think of a way to intellisense Kotlin plugins in IntelliJ please, do tell.

Enjoy your gaming…