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Latest updates: Priest in Peril, imbue rings + Charming imp

Fri Dec 15 2023

2 weeks ago Priest in Peril was implemented. This quest is a huge update. So many future quests are built from Priest in Peril.

In addition all of Morytania is unlocked by this quest. Essentially, if you are a veteran player, a good chunk of the overworld was just locked for you…

No matter who you are now, you must complete this quest to unlock Morytania.

Pretty cool. 

There are bugs with the quest as there always are, but they are being addressed one at a time.

Same with the engine updates, they are being addressed, just keep reporting.

The charming imp…

Guess what…

You can now officially get the charming imp!



Soul Wars.

Yep, there is a chance of getting the imp when you gamble 2 zeal points.

How often per gamble?

You will have to gamble to find out!

Though, you can see in the code as it is open source…..

Imbue rings

Lastly don't forget you can imbue rings with by using your item with Nomad.

Take a look…

Each of these can be upgraded, making Berserker Ring(i) best in slot for strength.