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Web/API Updates

New website and API end points

Wed Jun 21 2023

As you can now see there is a new website for It was created using the original front end HTML, CSS & Javascript from All front end scripts were extracted and the backend was remade with the web API.


The website includes all features from the old and adds some new ones. Here are the new features:

  • World Map: Missing some features in the original website from 2019
  • XP Tracker Highscores: This measures xp differences between two days. You can choose which days are shown in both the highscores and Hall of Heroes. One thing to note however, the API only saves days from yesterday as of this post. You will get a 404 error page for all days before yesterday
  • Hall of heroes: Shows top players in accordance to levels gained(Highscores) or experience gained(XP Tracker).
  • Blog implementation: You are reading the blog implementation now.
  • Updated client versions: The newest client fixes the launch issue that plagued Darkan for an entire year. Darkan is the most platform independent it has ever been. The latest client builds are posted on the download links here.

Website Bugs

Some bugs to note. 404 pages are unhandled. Instead you get an error. In the future this will be a dedicated page to be less developer-centric. Also, all pagination is infinite at the moment. At some point its a good idea for someone to add a limit to the pagination.

Future web features for contributors

This website is completely open-source. If you want to contribute here is the link to the website. To implement something more complex you can make end points here at this repository for the API. Just fork the repositories, clone them and have at it. Make sure to include MongoDB as well.
Here are some features you can create as a contributor:

  • Adventurers Log: This means boss counting, minigame counting, quest history, drop logging, etc. This would require an adventurers log Mongo collection and some new API endpoints, in case you are wondering.
  • Account login: User authentication using the existing API endpoints for lobby accounts. This is already half implemented API side and just needs a front end.
  • Open-Source tools page/listing: I have seen a good number of Open-Source tools created by players. There have been sound listings, barrows counter excel sheets, animations Google Docs, and a bunch unlisted in the past. If you post your tool I can add it to the downloads page. By the way, a good one to create is a NPC drop tables reverse item searcher to see what monsters drop which items. 
  • Charted XP tracker: A good page to create would be a runemetrics type page with charts. This would not be too hard with Chart.js. You likely would not have to make any new API end points. Just make a merge request.

Stay based my friends,