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October 2023 - Updates

Thu Nov 02 2023
  • Shooting stars were added late October. You will find them spread out throughout world 1 & world 2







  • Weapon poison was added to herblore craftables
  • Crawling Hands throughout the world now have item drops
  • Yanille agility dungeon was added
  • Salarin the twisted was added to the game
  • Added missing pickpocketable NPCs
  • Updated Java version from 20→21
  • Fairy rings are now locked behind quests
  • Added many performance tweaks which should reduce world lag significantly
  • Updated Tutorial Island prompts to mention Burthorpe instead of Lumbridge
  • Updated Dominion tower rewards to go into inventory and bank after boss fights
  • Pharohs Scepter was implemented
  • Added Saradomin Sword Special