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Tears Of Guthix, Current & Future Updates

Thu Jun 22 2023

Updates generally get pushed in the wind on the Darkan Discord. Many of them are not even noticed as commit messages in the updates channel. However, if they are explicitly listed out you will see, Darkan is quite active.

Future Updates

We have a list of future updates by different developing contributors. Some were recently pushed, some are still drafted as a merge request and some are nearly done on the personal fork of the contributor. This is not an exhaustive list but it shows the progress coming forward.

Updates by Trent, Devin & Jesse

  • 2010 Interfaces, By Devin, Trent & Jesse: This is already written and ready to go. You can get a copy here. However it won't be included in the client loader until Java 21 LTS is released in October or November. Also there are 2 known minor bugs which will eventually be fixed. They are the quest tab after dungeoneering(fixed on relog) and one magic spell icon that looks a little funky. If you find more outside that, please post it on Discord. 
  • Tears of Guthix Quest/Weekly, By Jesse: I already did the hardest parts of this update, just need to finish it up.
  • Much more by Trent…

WIP Updates by Ax0 Aka Liam

  • Trade tokens for XP: Dungeoneering rewards
  • New Random Events: Dr Jekyll, Rick Turpentine, Drunken Dwarf 
  • Pharos Scepter: This is in the game but currently does nothing. Liam finished the implementation and is drafted as a merge request.
  • Dwarf Mine Dialogues: Missing dialogues added. 

Updates by Crusader

  • Ladder updates, by Crusader: In preparation for World 3 all dead ends in the world need to be fixed up. Ladders are a good start. Thank you Crusader :D
  • Shop verification and updates, by Crusader: Crusader is making sure all the shops are good and adding missing ones.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Sound updates, by Rami: For months off and on Rami has been adding missing sound maps for 2009Scape and Darkan. The ids are the same for both revisions. Trent also implemented the ability to more easily add sounds and will be adding more in the future. Once the majority of sound ids are found I will also be adding them.
  • Item Examine text, by JBG: Item examines are not all implemented. JBG made a json editor just for this. In the future this may extend to object examines.

Recent Updates

  • Added path to Sophanem Dungeon, By Jesse: Missing NPCs though
  • Troll Warzone Tutorial, By Trent: Includes cutscenes and introductory keenblade and other troll warzone rewards. Get your baby troll! :D
  • Change of home to Burthrope, By Trent: This is where modern Runescape typically starts. Burthrope is likely to get a lot of love soon.
  • Burthorpe dialogues across all NPCs, by AxO

Potential updates for future contributors

If you want to contribute here are some recommendations:

  • Populate Sophanem Dungeon with NPCs
  • Populate Ulik areas and dungeons with NPCS. Also implement Ulik obstacles
  • Dorgesh-kaan npc dialogues
  • Dorgesh-kaan agility arena
  • Jungle Potions Quest(easy): Make sure to lay claim to this one on discord so two people dont work on it.

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