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TileMan + Temporary Worlds?

Sat Dec 16 2023

There is an idea I am (Jesse) pitching to Trent…

What is it?

Temporary worlds.

Perhaps you would enjoy finishing Darkan within one or two months based on some restriction.

Last year I tried to create a "shenanigans" world. It is a world where a bunch of goofy features were added to spice up the game, not that many players tried it.

The next was a shenanigans Group Iron Man world where you share a bank.

Then a third world was a vanilla Group Iron Man, currently World 4.

Now this most recent world is a Tile Man game world….

I have an individual GitHub repository for each of these previous worlds.

So, thinktank here.

Can we use these worlds and show them up from time to time?

The goal is to get as far into Darkan as possible, given the conditions of that world.

Every boss, dungeoneering, XP rate and many more other features will be made much more soloable and potentially completable within one or two months.

Your player saves…

And yes, I am taking measures to save your player files.

Trent had told me the key feature would be persistent player saves.

I will be backing them up automatically, like so…


A daily backup to GitHub, so we are all good.

I will be honest, I did not do this before December 14th.

So, player saves for all worlds I make will be backed up from now on.

It was a condition of me even releasing Tile Man.

Features of Tile Man

Tile Man is essentially unlocking one tile at a time based on experience. The inspiration for this world came from Settled's Tile Man Series.

Take a look at the implementation in Darkan…

However, unlike Settled's series the goal is to finish this world in 1-2 months.

How will we do this?

We add specific features…

  • 100x XP rate
  • No item loss on death
  • Soloable Nex, Corp, QBD, TD
  • 70% combat levels for Dungeoneering mobs, bosses
  • 25x dungeoneering tokens
  • 1 tile every 2 levels
  • 1 tile every 100k xp
  • 100 tiles for every quest point earned
  • Max skill xp of 2b instead of 200m
  • Every room you open in dungeoneering has a chance of tile
  • Double NPC, woodcutting, mining, fishing, farming drops
  • 10x thieving loot
  • Clue scrolls auto open reward
  • 3x Lower slayer tasks amount
  • 3x slayer task points
  • Save GWD kill count
  • Double farming ticks
  • Increased loyalty points
  • Etc.

Hopefully you will find this fun to do on occasion, perhaps while fishing or afking a skill.