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Web Sockets + Darkan Plugins

Wed Mar 06 2024

Trent implemented an open endpoint for listening and speaking in the Darkan “help” chat in-game. This applies to all worlds in the official lobby.

You will have seen posts on Discord about the feature looking like this:

It is a public uri that anyone can access. Because of this pretty much any app can be made with the friends chat now. 

For example I created a world-server plugin which allows public chat to the “help” channel from the development lobby.

On the left I am in the dev lobby and on the right I am on official. I can speak and listen to both. 

Here is an example of a web sockets implementation for your own apps.

But what are Darkan plugins you say? Lets talk about it.

Darkan Plugins

The Darkan world server has become so modular it is now possible to add one file plugins with massive changes. Recent worlds such as TileMan, Anarchy & now EZScape have been done with only 1 or 2 extra files for all its features.

Yes, you still have to hook in certain aspects to the main source, but the bulk of the logic is in 1 file.

Take a look:

Here I have 3 plugins which I created. Each of these is independent from the source, allowing merges to latest world 1.

Each plugin has a different function.

  • EZScape is a collection of nerfs which make the game easy.
  • SingleplayerBosses make bosses easier to kill.
  • PublicChat allows any player to speak on the Darkan main friends chat

I will be releasing these as 1 file gists with install instructions soon. They will look like this: 

Gist Link: Public chat plugin

Any developer is welcome to create their own plugins. Trent has been working hard to make the world server more and more modular for maximum flexibility in one or two files.

Just take a look at the Anarchy plugins:

And yes, of course we need hooks into the source for complete flexibility. But the goal is to have little to no hooks into the game necessary. We are getting there and these plugins are the proof!